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It is the purpose of this site to provide information, elsewhere underrepresented, which would be of general benefit to society, mankind, the nation, the planet. Some information is suppressed for good reason (details of explosives manufacture are expurgated in search engines), but some is obscured upon less honorable grounds: because it's general dissemination might erode profits, encourage democratization, or might serve to dispel misleading and nefarious, yet carefully nurtured, myths. Perhaps the existence of an inexpensive, time-vindicated, calorie-free sweetener has been hidden from the general public through manipulated regulation or a similarly disparraged century-old appetite supressant. Perhaps our public school system's failure to teach critical thinking may be more the result of design than neglect. These are things worth knowing; things, the knowledge of which is a boon to mankind as a whole. The list is growing.

Homeschooling in Action
Homeschooling in Action

We do not claim to be the only web-based knowledge source in these fields, but perhaps we have done better research than some others, and perhaps the mechanics of our prose is less likely to be cause for embarrassment when quoted.