Cat Flinging.
An Illustrated History of Catflinging in Europe and North America

History of Catflinging
The Classic Flingist
Early European Roots
The Middle Ages
The Highland Fling
Development of the Art
The Cat in Warfare
Cats in Duelling
Cats Used in Hunting
Cats in Household Defense
Catflinging in the Olympics
The Joy of Flinging
Other Types of Flinging
Improv. That Didn't Work
Famous Flingists

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The flinging of cats, despite a venerable and ancient history, has always been a subject of dispute, controversy, and even conflict. At times flingery has enjoyed immense popularity, and has been recognized as both an art and a science. During other periods, however, its practice has been suppressed, its supporters harassed, and the very existence of flingery as a science denied and its literature expunged. It is clear testimony to the fact that our present age is one of the latter that the vast majority of otherwise literate individuals are utterly oblivious of the existence of flingery as either art or science. In fact, with the single exception of the present volume, it would probably be safe to say that there is not a single work on the subject currently in print.

Why the simple act of flinging a cat should be the cause for so much dispute, prejudice and, on occasion even bloodshed, is a mystery that still baffles researchers in the field. This work represents a long overdue attempt to address this question together with many others of historical and technical importance to flingery. It does not, however, presume to be a tutorial in the art and does not encourage the flinging of cats without supervision by a licensed instructor.