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The Mobility Scooter Lifestyle

Cargo stowage fore and aft may be as large or small as necessary
Cargo stowage fore and aft may be as large or small as necessary

Once primarily an aid to the disabled, the electric mobility scooter now often fills a lifestyle role and can enable people with differing mobility capabilities to enjoy outings together.

Zoo, theme park, or simply an outing to a seaside resort, a scooter enables the not-so-young to keep up with energetic youth and to share the experience without limiting or slowing down the pace for others and without having to be parked at a cafe whilst others scurry about. It is possible to be the kind of elder whose presence is really appreciated on an outing. Be an "It would't be the same without you" member of the group. Be a Gandalf; be a Dumbledore.

One needn't be disabled to appreciate a scooter

Twelve hours at a county fair or theme park can be too much for anyone. With a mobility scooter, there is no need to suffer "Museum Syndrome" -- the back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain almost everyone associates with being on one's feet all day. In many cases, it makes sense to have a scooter along, which any member of the group may use when in need of a respite from standing and walking. Equipped with a pack attached to the backrest, together with a basket in front, the scooter can also serve as a pack animal to carry water, jackets, food, and gear of all sorts for the rest of the party. Everyone appreciates the convenience of having a "mobile locker" handy. "Sure I'd be glad to watch your camera/shopping bag/stuffed weasel while you play in the fountain."

Stuffed Weasel
Well laden

Some zoos, themeparks, and even supermarkets and department stores provide mobility scooters to the general public, but when no such options is available, a Travel Mobility Scooter is an excellent solution.

Though the tendency to replace walking with scooter has been regarded as an unfortunate trend which contributes to obesity and undermines fitness, there are certainly many situations in which scooting can help prevent varicose veins or joint and muscle stress which can lead to discomfort and medical problems. At least with a scooter one can make a decision as to how much walking is enough.

Arm Rest
An armrest when you need one, but up and out of the way when you don't

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